About Us

Paramount Publishers provide authors services to develop and publish top-notch quality books.

We offer incredible book cover design, professional printing, publishing, expert distribution, and profitable book marketing services. Moreover, we pride in getting ratted as #1 by Top Consumer Reviews for delivering an outstanding customer support service. We provide the most affordable pricing, a team of hands-on, industry-leading royalties, and US-based publishing experts.

Paramount Publishers is Ranked The Best

Due to being the highest quality services, more writers are joining the platform to appreciate hard copy publishing for contributing to the literary world. The need for producing the best content with valuable information is being regarded and considered. Now we are receiving the highest orders for getting hard copy books published to die to increase reader’s demands.

  • We pay millions to author royalties
  • Our Authors have earned up to $100,000
  • Our books are recognized as Best Book of the Year receiving $1500 prize money
  • We serve actors/actresses, politicians, celebrities and athletes at Paramount Publishers
  • We use social media profiles and platforms to promote books and spread awareness about each author among the target audience
  • We keep a firm donation to organizations like Colorado Humanities, The Red Cross and Children Hospital
  • We offer Consistent Online Assistance, Coaching Assistance by our exclusive & trademarked Marketing COACH offers for years after publication

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