Book Sales & Royalties

Is it possible to reissue my royalty check?

You will be charged with a $35.00 administration fee to get the reissued replacement check. And we can only reissue your new check when it’s time for you to pay the next quarterly payment. However, as per our policy, for our valued customers, we waive this charge of $35.00 for the first time a customer asks us to reissue the check. For all of the subsequent request, he or she will be charged with the fee. You can avoid paying this extra charge if you avoid delaying your check submission upon the receipt.

What is the procedure to order more copies of my book?

It can be done in your publishing center. You will have to sign up to your author center ( and proceed to click the “Purchase Copies”. You will have to confirm your shipping method and address.

How can I look for a more detailed number for book sales?

Authors here are given with a comprehensive custom sales report depending upon their demand to get either an up-to-date report or a specific one. By using Ingram, an ISBN-specific search system we initiate the process to look for detailed book sale report for up to 90 days in total including yesterday, and the present date of the request. As it is pretty time consuming to prepare a huge report its cost is around $25 and we take days in submission.

Why are my book sales wrong?

The compilation of book sales report is a bit different. It does not begin from the starting date of the month and ends on the last day of the month. For instance, if a book is sold on 29th of December, the sale will be counted in the January report and if a book is sold on 28th of January, it will be calculated in the Feb report. The entire data is fetched from the Ingram, the wholesale source for books through the Paramount Publishers.

What are your average sales for all the books that the company publishes?

Sales are subjective, as many of our authors demand high royalties for their great books whereas some of asking for smaller royalties for their personally written books. Hence, we have a broad range of author earnings from 10s of dollars to around thousands of dollars.

Tips & Tricks

Is there any referral bonus to refer new authors to the Paramount Publishers?

You can get a referral bonus by helping new authors gain maximum exposure by getting their masterpiece published.

Learn How it Works:

Authors who have already get their book published are allowed to make referrals. The unique ID you get is your referral number. You will have to navigate to the site ( to know the proper guidelines.

  • You are not bound to get your book published to refer to the website. You simply have to sign up get your User ID and get the link access.
  • You can share the link on your website or through email marketing
  • You will be asked to improve the performance of your website for better promotion, work on your content
  • Help each new author get what he wants from our site
  • Just as the author clicks on the link you have provided them, the Paramount Publishers will record your data and activities.
  • After the publication process, the new author placed is completed, your affiliate ID will be attached to the publication, and you will receive 20% of the total commission.

You will be asked to share your affiliate link with your customers and friends in the social circle. We pay members after the commission reaches the amount of $50 or above after every quarter of a year.

How can I get my book into the bookstore?

A traditional book store considers four of the main aspects of a book to either stock it in the bookstore to place an order.

  • The availability of a reliable wholesaler just like Ingram that you can have in any of our packages from Pearl, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire
  • More money for the store by looking for books having a huge discount of around 50-55%.
  • A book return policy. At Paramount Publishers only a few of our publishers provide retail return policies.
  • Huge customer demand. The retail store looks for books having huge consumer demand. They want to go for books that are famous or composed by authors, which many of the readers would like to get. To assist you in this area, we at Paramount Publishers you with a team of personal marketing assistant who can review your book and formulate a proper strategy to let you gain huge readership.

Will it be beneficial to participate in the Amazon Advantage Program?

If you have your book published with the Paramount Publishers, there is no need to participate in the Amazon Advantage Program. The book that is published under the Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, or Pearl package is listed already on Amazon. Hence, there is no need left to get listed or to do the sign up again. When we are here to manage the fulfilment of every Amazon requirement for you then you do not have to take the matters into your hand.

Marketing Solutions

Are recycled paper options available at your platform?

Yes, we do follow the Green publishing techniques. We value it greatly at Paramount Publishers and so offer around 35% of post-consumer recycled paper packages.

After publishing, will I be allowed to upgrade my publishing package?

Though upgrade options for the publishing packages are available due to the presence of timelines and revision costs, it would be great if you avoid doing it. Many authors have stated the additional investments upfront to be more effective in terms of long-term return on investment. You can seek guidance from your publishing consultant as well.

Will I be given a sample book to check your quality?

Yes, we will send you a sample copy to give you an idea about our quality. It will clear all of your confusion and will be a perfect example of our expertise. If you want to request a book you can email us at

Will you provide me with a copy of my press release?

Yes, though the copy is not supplied directly to the author you can get in online by doing a quick Google search for your author name or by the complete title.

Even if I get my book published by some other entity, will be able to get your marketing services?

Yes, you can have it. We provide a huge variety of marketing options to our valued customers regardless of the fact they get their books published or not. You can go to the following link to get the detailed information:

Distribution & Availability

Where will my book be distributed?

All of the authors for the packages including Ruby, Diamond and Pearl gets a worldwide distribution that includes Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and Bertrams. Apart from the Emerald books, all of the collection present at Paramount Publishers is distributed on giant retail stores like Powells, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and a huge number of other platforms. A single book is available to order for over 25,000 potential sales channels all across the globe.

Why my cover is missing on Amazon?

After we send the complete book information to the respective platform like Ingram, the individual retailers collect the book information and proceed it to publication. Your book will be able to purchase in pieces for about 6-7 days initially as per the clauses submitted to you in the publication announcement. It is not part of our responsibility as it’s the role of the retailer who is handling your book.

What is the author printing discount?

If you order books in large quantities you will get a discounted offer for up to 50% in many cases. It depends upon the type and quality of the book you are ordering.

Is it possible for you to ship books at the international addresses?

Yes at Paramount Publishers Bookstore, we can ship books to address belonging to all over US and other international regions. In the shipping details, there is a drop-down list to select your required country. However, we do not offer shipment to North Korea, Libya, Cuba, or Nigeria.

What is the timeframe for a book to be published?

For the retailers belonging to Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, the turnaround time is of 24 hours. As we receive the book, it is sent to the publishing department who put the books to top most priority. Only for these retailers, we send the email with the published book either directly to the customer or to retailers. In some cases, there is a slight delay in the publishing for sending both to the retailer and to the customer. The books that are received from will get printed within only 3 business days.

Moreover, the books belong on to the Publishing Center where authors buy their own books are to be printed in 5-7 days. It can happen early if the printers are not busy. The timeframe is also affected by the seasons going on for instance, if it is Christmas season the turnaround time gets extended. You can also select the “rush” production for your book in the Publishing Center. In this case, the books get printed in the timeframe given to the books for Paramount Publishers.