Apple iPad/iPhone e-Book

Apple iPad/iPhone e-Book


The electronic market is setting new standards today iPhone and iPad are the trends; millions of iPhone and iPad are sold on a regular basis in the United States alone. If you are looking for a way to increase the number of your readers, then you can do so by independently distributing an electronic version of your book through the Apple’s iBooks bookstore.

  • Your book receives a great deal of exposure

    Increasing the number of platforms where your book is available to readers will, in turn, increase the chances for your book being discovered by prospective readers.

  • The retail prices will be in your hand

    You will have total control over the amount for which your book would be selling on the Apple’s iBookstore.

  • You will turn into the producer

    That’s right! You will receive a customized label imprint and a Bowker-Approved International Standard Book Number (ISBN) — exclusive for your edition of the iPad/iPhone eBook, listed with Bowker in YOUR name. We set the stage for you to be in the limelight. Your Apple ebook edition exists entirely autonomously of any versions of your book.

  • Apple will provide you with royalties directly

    The best part is that all the intermediaries get removed and your royalties get issued to you directly by Apple according to their schedule.

  • You will get the concluding EPUB transformed file

    You are free to pursue other distribution platforms if you wish to. IPads and iPhones are particular and radical devices, which make reading a convenient task. However, most of these readers love authentic books. An Apple sale is an economical way for you to offer your book to an impending reader; if it appeals to them, they will purchase the hardback or paperback edition, too.

Service Details

The technological evolution has taken over every industry, including the publishing industry. Many readers now prefer eBooks to paperbacks. The convenience of having a portable multipurpose device has generated many readers who prefer reading books at Apple iPad & iPhone.

It actually means that this ease has given birth to several book lovers who are willing to read your book only if it is made available to them.

The Finest Publication iPad/iPhone eBook with Cloistered Label iBook’s distribution is the simplest and appropriate solution for publishing your book as an eBook with full delivery on Apple’s unique iBook bookstore in your name.