Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media

Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media


Some events are worthy to be publicized with a press release and your book is one of those events. We have professional writers who have ideas about how you can get amazing press releases to be written. They can write an engaging press release that can make the sales of your book to be increased.
We develop the interest of target market, journalists, media and reviewers towards your book for professional purposes.

We don’t get it done in orthodox ways instead we draft it, get it reviewed from you and the changes are made according to your preferences. This is how we get the final draft of your press release to be made. And that for sure is not the end but we also distribute it to the News Wire on your behalf.


Service Details

With undeniable popularity of the social media channels, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, it has never been easier to get connected with the people around the globe, but if you know how you can do it the ball is in your court.
Well are you still wondering how to take the first step or are still not sure about how to make connections with your target markets, the outskirts press is here to help.

Majority if not all of the individuals who wish to buy your book are active on the social media channels and social media costs nothing! Why not leverage the power of the internet- the potential to reach people all over the world enjoying the comfort of your home-to enhance a convincing and hospitable social media environment where your readers can find you in a glance.

Here’s how it works

As you place an order on the author platform set-up through the social media you have made your way to reach the thousands of avid reader. Prior to you come to know it, you will create a high-end accounts created for you and established on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress and twitter. Not just this- but outskirts press will connect you to the relevant users on every platform with less efforts on your part. You will have the defined target audience and the best part is that you can initiate a connection right away.

Why the author platform set up via social media is the best for you?

You are not sure about social media? How do you post updates and pictures and related and compelling information on social media? Is it something different about the social media platforms? Where do the messages go and who sees the messages? If you are going through the basics of social media gives you a deep rooted anxiety, we can all the spade work for you.

You are still wondering how to differentiate yourself as an author online. The updates you post as an author are certain to stand out from the ones you publish for your friends and family. The targeted audiences and your reason for communication with them are definitely different.  None but the social media guru can assist you create a presence as an online author that will help you climb the specific marketing goals.

You want to create and maintain a continuous relationship with your audiences? The social media is the best means to reach out the targeted audiences on a quick and consistent basis. Have you yet earned a glowing book review? Are you done working on a sequel? Is you book ready to be published. Do you want to get the word out related to the sale or other special offers? The social media is the best place to do that on the definite time.

Time is not on your side! With your social media author platform, a fewer clicks can keep you stay connected with your target audience.

You might have spent years and month establishing your book. Now it’s the time to make sure that it reaches the wider range of audiences. Having your author platform set up from the outskirt press, you can take leverage of the several communication tool built into social media.