Barnes & Noble NOOK e-Book

Barnes & Noble NOOK e-Book


You can discover millions of books on the Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, and if your book is not available here, then you are missing your chance for reaching out to a vast market of growing readers. By being a part of our circle, you can tap an audience that is looking forward to buying your book.


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The Barnes & Noble NOOK is an inventive portable e-reader that permits its owner to download newspapers and books straight away. Books have to be submitted through a required format and process for them to be available to Nook readers for purchasing and reading.

What are the benefits for authors who are publishing on Nook?

The device that was named as CNET’s “Editor’s Choice” in 2010 and “Best e-Ink Reader” in 2011 will be your publishing ground. These tributes are dynamically advertised on Barnes & Noble’s site as an advertising tool (for selling more NOOKs). It works. People are purchasing more and more NOOK devices.

By merging your book on the Nook eReader alongside obtainability on iPads & iPhones, along with the PC arcades, you do not just give your book out in the hands of a million readers anticipated to buy the NOOK device in the coming months. You get some noteworthy coverage through countless computer users and over 200 million iPhone and iPad users

You get to keep all the royalties when your book sales. Barnes & Noble will take their cut, but your turnover will directly be deposited into your account by Barnes & Noble, without any engrossment by (or share for) Press.

NOOK books close the playing turf. Because of the fact that NOOK books generally have a lower merchandising price, readers are more intense, when it comes to buying books written by authors who may not have that great of a following.

You will be in the right place.

Do you not want your book to be one of the many books, which are currently being published to NOOK.

It is suggested that all writers make their book obtainable to as many diverse spectators as possible. That way – if a probable reader has one device, they are not stopped from acquiring your book.