Basic Publishing

Basic Publishing


$1,599.00 $1,399.00

Under the basic book publishing, we offer services like a cover that is creative whereas the interior formatting is standardly black and white. Moreover, the benchmark press release and an ISBN number are what we include in the basic book publishing. But this is not all you get we also get you a PDP download option from the webpage of the author. The best part of this publishing is that you get the opportunity to get your book to be published and distributed by big names of the industry including Barnes & Noble, Baker and Tayler, Amazon, Bertram and such other. We offer you choices of selection between 15 formats and getting around 10 free images insertion with 3 rounds of revisions. Along with everything that has been mentioned afore we offer you a consultation about publishing the book as well as giving you a marketing coach for your book which helps you out in the post process of the book writing.


Included Free with the Basic

  • 6 Free Paperback Author’s Copies

    Upon the completion of publishing, you can order up to 6 free paperback author copies of the book that will be shipped to you for absolutely no costs within the United States. However, for the next time, you can get the paperback copies of the book for wholesale prices at any time.

  • Standard Press Release

    We offer standard press release to our customers in the basic book publishing package. This lets you have more command over your author tool kit and can make you edit the content of your author webpage according to your preferences and choices.

  • Standard Interior Book Formatting

    We at Outskirts offer a standard interior book formatting that gives your book a professional look. We make one of the professionals to work at formatting for absolutely free for you.

  • 16 Trim Sizes and Format Choices

    In the basic book, we offer a 5.5 x 8.5 and 6 x 9 standard size for the book and also you can choose between laminated casebound and paperback.

  • ISBN and Barcode

    We offer an ISBN number for your book and it could be your own private label ISBN if you want it.

  • Digital Download PDF

    We can make an E-book be available on your author webpage for the consumers.

Service Details

Available Upgrades with the Basic

Not able to grab the ultimate package? Don’t worry out basic package has much to offer and it could be listed above average according to the industry trends. Well, the self-publishing is surely the best to get against your money only if you are unable to afford the ultimate package.

  • Amazon Kindle E-book Edition
  • Barnes & Noble Nook E-book Edition
  • Apple iBooks E-book edition
  • Espresso book machine availability & distribution
  • Professional custom cover design
  • Custom interior style sheet
  • Custom page design
  • Casebound hardbacks
  • Dust jacketed hardbacks
  • Interior black/white image insertions
  • Black/white illustration packages
  • Amazon Kindle e-book edition
  • Barnes & Noble Nook e-book edition
  • Apple iBooks e-book edition
  • Espresso book machine availability & distribution
  • Amazon Launch Bundle marketing package
  • Book Launch Bundle marketing package
  • World Tour Book Fair marketing package
  • Elite E-Book Editions publishing package
  • Personal marketing assistant
  • Promotional Materials marketing package

Package Details

Paper Back Specifications

We offer the full-color covers and the case otherwise is only if you have requested to be. The interiors are black and white. We do not offer comb or spiral bindings but only paperback bindings to keep the quality to be high.

Hardback Specifications

Full-color laminated casebound covers, as well as a full color glossy laminated cover or full-color matte finish, is available with us to give you’re the best hardback covers. Dust jacket formats with cloth stitched hardbacks or gold foil stamping are what we can offer to our customers.

Page Count Requirements

To make it into our publications the minimum requirement for the black and white pages is 18 pages however the maximum can go up to 1000 pages whereas for sizes that are 6.14 x 9.21 or larger the maximum can raise up to 1150 pages.

Paper Specifications

The width and weight of the paper are about the paper type and the tone of the page is about paper color. The one that is 30% recycled natural off-white color is known as crème-white. White, however, is a pure white and is preferable if your interior has images. All the papers we have do meet the library archival standards.

Print-on-Demand and Distribution-on-Demand

On-demand printing and distribution can make your book to have the availability on unlimited wholesale channels that cover the most sales in the industry these channels could be like, E-bay and such others. This can make the availability and thus the marketability of your published book to become stronger. We at Outskirts Press can make print and fulfill all the orders that are being flown to us from any of the sales channels and this won’t affect the printing costs for you. We keep it available at the on-demand distribution at almost every scenario. The price plan might impact the book’s trade discount which is essential to determine the actual availability and distribution and the trade discount and go up to 55% dependent upon your choices. But still, 55% is higher than the industry standard for sure. Additionally, our on-demand distribution allows the sales channels to not have stock for timely delivery and this increases the value for us and eventually for you as well. However, we cannot impact the decision of retailers or wholesalers to make your book available that is something that only your book’s content can make happen.

Furthermore, the fee for digital distribution per ISBN is $25 that is to be paid every year after your book is being published. This will make your book to be available at the distribution network and will make you Author’s center account to be kept active. Also, it will give you the facilities of printing your book whenever you want at wholesale author prices but keep in mind that you can only print 5 copies at a time.