Book Launch Bundle

Book Launch Bundle


$1,735.00 $1,299.00

We at Paramount Publishers provide you with a bundle of features to save your time and money. Our service packages include book video trailer (of 60-90 second), custom press release, social network distribution, five-hour session a marketing assistant, and an author platform setup facility through social media. If it’s not your first time to get your book published at Paramount Publishers you may get an even bigger discount on each package. So, login to our Publishing Center.

  • Custom press Release

    Let our experienced writer compose an original, unique and best press release for your book. We first get your approval and then submit it to get published on your behalf.

  • Social Media Set-Up

    We utilize the social media outlets to interact ad target your audience It widens your avenue for success.

  • Book video Trailers & Distribution

    To capture the attention of the audience, authors and marketers are producing book trailer videos. We produce you with an amazing chance to add more appeal by trying out our trailer plan to engage your viewers.

  • Personal Marketing Assistant

    Are you aware of the strategies needed to plan a marketing campaign for your book? With our 5 Hour personal marketing assistance plan we guide and instruct our customers through the ins and outs of the marketing world.

Service Details

Save big on a single order! We have combined four of our major services together to make a deal for you with 20% savings. Give your book an explosive start and promote it nationwide!

As per our custom press release service package, our professional PR writer composes high-quality content gathering information solicited from the author. The content is based on the benefits and uniqueness of the book.

Let’s give your book a touch of modern approach by opting for our video marketing package. We can give you plenty of avenues to roll great success. Get a book video trailer much like showcasing a complete movie to your target audience.

Moreover, as the use of social media sites is exploding, why not utilize them for your benefit. We can provide you with the assistance to form successful connections on every social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. We sure can help you with that.

You must be thinking about how you are going to handle so much going on with book promotion from video trailer to social media marketing. But relax! As our Personal Marketing Assistance plan is here to help you get started. We provide a five-hour session to brief you about the different aspects and how you can manage everything smoothly. We will help you market your book successfully without any hassle. We will focus on your problems and provide you with a unique solution.