Business Cards (500 count)

Business Cards (500 count)


A business card is the one that every author needs. What’s better to promote your book and yourself at the same time than having business card that showcase your book cover on one side?


The service features

Free shipping within the main lands of United States

Pieces of a coordinated promotional campaign includes the marketing and promotional material such as the bookmarks, these are not the patterns for you to create the material all by yourself. These prices involve the high end, completely colored marketing pieces in the quantities of 500, inclusive of the delivery right at your doorstep within land of the united states, that are tailor made only for you.

  • Your cover image on the top in full colors, unless requested to be done in black and white.
  • 2” and 3.5 standard sized business cards stock.
  • Your contact information as per your providence on the back in black and white.
  • You can preview it digitally before printing and shipping.
  • Outskirts press doesn’t hold responsibility for the lost, damage or stolen object that has been delivered and dropped at the mentioned author’s ship to address in the absence of author.
  • The responsibility falls on the part of the author to receive within the due time of shipment. For these material are custom made, refunds are not given as the order is placed.
  • Differentials in ratio between your cover size and the business card size rests with the designer’s discretion.

Unless we are particularly requested by the author in anticipation of design, the back of the business card will have the authors first and last name, the contact information, mailing address and email address if given, the book webpage URL as provided at the time of order.