The Down Payment To Our Expert Copyediting

The Down Payment To Our Expert Copyediting


To initiate the project a non-refundable payment of $240 will be charged to get our expert copyediting review. The amount will cover around 15000 words of your submitted manuscript and will be adjusted from the final project cost. The actual cost rate at our platform is 1.6 cents per word, which will be calculated after completing the 15000 words already included in the amount you paid initially. The total amount will be directed towards the shipping cart for you to pay easily.


Details of Our Best Copyediting Services

Significance of Editing

You may have perfect storytelling skills but its imperative to get the mere slips and errors fixed. You must get your book reviews and edited by a professional editor even if you are going for a traditional publishing method. The editor will scrutinize every single mistake and will help you shape sentence in a much better way. Even if you are planning to go for self-publishing a book, you need to get it checked by an expert. A riddles book loses all its credibility.

Paramount Publishers provide the most professional copyediting services to its valued customers for manuscripts comprising of any length and type. Whether you publish your book from our platform or not, you are welcome to experience our services.
The time frame for editing depends upon the length of your manuscript. The standard time for a manuscript is 4 weeks; you can also expect a faster delivery as well.


Our standard rate for basic editing is 1.6 cents per word with an initial payment of $340. The Word Count function present in Microsoft Word indicates us about the total words a document occupies. Moreover, we perform edits only on soft copies. We do not accept hard copies like typewritten pages or an actual book.

Our projects start with a minimum word count of 15000 words if it exceeds you will be charged additionally with the $24o amount you paid at the start of the project. We will add the total amount to your cart and proceed it for you to pay through a safe online payment method.

Poetry Work

All projects having poetry content are handled differently. For projects based on poetry, customers are charged at the rate of $50/hour basic, which is billed in the rate of 15-minute increments. An initial amount of $210 is there for the project, which is only applicable for the first 5 hours of our service. If you exceed the time, you will have to pay for the extra amount of time invested in your project at the rate mentioned earlier. Once you clear the payment, you will get the manuscript delivered.

Order Details

We follow the non-refundable policy once the payment is made. To be sure about the payment details you can calculate the amount yourself by running the document on your MS word software.

Count the words exceeding the 15000 words for which you paid initially and calculate it by multiplying it with the standard rate of $16 cents per word. You will get your total amount. You can compare it with the one present ion the shopping cart and proceed the payment. You will never find any grammatical or spelling issues on our work we guarantee that.

Expert Suggestions

We will never alter or completely change your manuscript. Our experts will provide suggestions to the required possible changes for you to decide whether you need to make it or want to keep the previous script. If you want, we can make the changes keeping the track changes option available so that you can find out the areas we have opted out. We make sure we secure the purity of your unique voice and avoid blending it with ours.

By ordering our services, you can be assured to get 100% error-free content. In case if you find any you can ask for revisions. We would be glad to do that for you. We will make sure to pass the document from both the human eye and computer software to make flawless.
At present, we are only editing documents in the English Language. If you have used any other language, it will be ignored; however, it will be included in the word count when calculating the total amount.