Professional Illustration Services

Professional Illustration Services


The only way a children’s book can stand out is through alluring and quality illustrations. At Paramount Publishers, we not only help you with ghostwriting for your manuscript but we also assist you in getting the relevant illustrations for your book. Our illustration packages are quite detailed as we have classified them according to various categories. You only have to select an illustration package along with the pricing plan and for the rest, you can rely on us. To get a better understanding of our work, get in touch with us and we will forward the desired illustration samples to you.


The Process We Follow

The illustration styles we offer at Paramount Publishers range from the latest trends to conventional illustration designs. Each piece of illustration is royalty-free so the illustrator and designer will not have any right to the royalties and total sales your book can possibly achieve.

Have a look at how we move forward with the illustration process.

  • Our support team assigns an expert team of illustrators to your project.
  • The illustrators and designers will inquire about all the required details for your project and build a design plan befitting the illustration package you have chosen.
  • We do offer multiple revisions so if you are not content with the initial draft, our illustrators will make the changes you ask for in the illustration.
  • We make sure the need for revisions never occurs as in the analysis phase, we are very thorough about the requirement gathering process.
  • Once we are done creating the illustrations, a few samples will be sent to you for a final review but in a low-resolution format. After you have given the green light to the illustrations, only then we will deliver the high-resolution format files to you.

We give you a few options to choose from for your illustration package. Either you can purchase a single illustration or a bundle of images for your book as you deem fit. We make sure each illustration we create is unique but you can select from our package of already-made illustrations as well. If required, our illustrators are here to customize the illustrations for you but that will have extra charges.

It is possible for your chosen illustration style to be out of stock so if that happens, we present the client with a refund. However, if you have gotten your illustration customized, the refund policies are a bit different for such a case:

  • If the client is not content with the illustration style after a minimum of three revisions then the client will have to make a small payment for the cancellation.
  • The cancellation fee is going to vary by your chosen package, a number of files and the style chosen for illustration.
  • This cancellation fee can only be acquired if you are not content with the revisions, if you have approved them and yet you want a refund then it is not possible in such a scenario.

We do not have the policy of sharing personal contact details between the client and the illustrators. Our team will reach out to you through email and that will be the core medium of communication. For avoiding the occurrence of mismanagement, our support team will stay in touch with you as well. After the illustrations are delivered, you will become the rightful owner of the images and have complete license to use them in your book or any other publication.