Digital Edition Standard Cover

Digital Edition Standard Cover


The Digital Edition Standard EBook Cover is the most cost-effective technique to engage and indulge the target readers. You can gather potential readers by getting a captivating digital cover for your book.


Product Details

Do you what an average reader spend almost 8 seconds to make a decision whether to get the book or move to the next one? Such a limited time you have to convince your visitor and convert him into an active reader of your books. You have such a narrow window of opportunity but with our assistance, you can broaden your scope and win potential leads. We know how to convince your readers and attract them efficiently.

We utilize the thumbnail version effectively that make a difference. The small image delivers a thousand message and professional help us gather more traffic to your book purchase. Our designers skillfully create the most appealing image using different aspects of the book. We highlight the important character or glimpse of the plot to engage the viewer. This is our exclusive service for you to grab the attention of millions of active online readers and stand out from the clusters. At Paramount Publishers, you can get custom cover making services at most affordable pricing. So, try it now!