The Economy Publishing Bundle

The Economy Publishing Bundle


$1,049.00 $899.00

If you are looking for a fully customized package for self-publishing then the Economy Publishing pricing plan is the perfect selection for it. At an economical rate, you will get a colorful cover for your book, formatted content, a Bowker approved ISBN number and your book’s content in PDF format. As for the additional features in the package, you will also be getting the service of unlimited book printing and book distribution by renowned distributors such as Ingram, Barnes & Noble and Amazon to name a few. You will be asked to select your desired book format along with the assistance of our publishing experts and consultants.


Free Services in the Bundle

  • Paperback Book Sizes

    If you choose the Economy bundle, you will be given two options for it. Both the options are of standard paperback book sizes that are easily accepted in the book industry. In case of further trimming, you can take a look at our other packages.

  • ISBN Issuance

    We have already guaranteed the issuance of Bowker approved ISBNs but when you choose the Economy bundle, you get the ISBN along with the book. ISBN itself is the prime mark of identification, as a bar code on your book so it is essential to get one.

  • Press Releases

    The additional benefits of selecting the Economy plan are several. Once the book is completed, you will get access to the publishing medium for access to your own personal web page and the promotion of a press release.

  • PDF Downloads

    You do not have to pay extra to download your book or manuscript in the PDF format. This service is free for all those who choose the Economy bundle. Easily acquire a digital PDF of your content through our website.

  • Standard Formatting Options

    We had already mentioned the formatting options but in this package, we offer both interior and exterior formatting selections for free. We select the best possible format for your book and do it for you without any additional charges.

  • Multiple Paperback Copies

    After your manuscript or book is ready, you are given the choice of getting multiple paperback author copies. You do not have to pay extra charges for delivery, as these services are free of charge as well.

Additional Upgrade Options

The aforementioned add-ons are for free but if you want to enhance your publication further, here is what you can choose from.

  • Amazon Book Launch advertising bundle
  • Book Launch publication and marketing bundle
  • World Tour Book Fair advertising bundle
  • Elite E-Book Editions publication
  • Publication consultants and assistants
  • Interior Black/White visual formatting
  • Amazon Kindle e-book bundle
  • Barnes & Noble Nook e-book bundle
  • Apple iBooks e-book bundle

Additional Economy Package Information

Paperback Book Publication

We do not offer black and white exterior covers as all our paperback covers are printed in high-quality color. However, if the client wants the cover in a black and white format, we offer that to our clients as well. As for the interior, it is always formatted in black and white, unless said so.

Hardback Book Details

As for hardback and casebound formats, the color of the cover is vibrant and laminated. This is a perfect selection for picture books for children and comic books. We have a number of hardback cover format available such as glossy and matte finish, so you can choose the one you prefer and we will provide that to you.

Number of Pages

If your requirement includes only black and white pages so the minimum number is of 18 pages. As for the maximum range, the most we can do for is 1,000 pages of different page formats.

Types of Paper

Just as we offer different formats of hardback and paperback covers, we also have the option for you to select the paper type of your choice. The types of paper and its cost depends upon the size and density of the paper. It is a more toned paper type or it could be of full white color, the choice is yours.

Available Distribution Categories

The type of publishing you choose plays a huge and essential role. We have the availability of two options such as print-on and distribution-on demand publication types. Do not worry as our consultants have the proficiency to choose the best one for you. We choose the perfect sales medium for you such as Target and Amazon but it depends on the package you have chosen.

At Paramount Publishers, we have acquired the experience to print and publish books and all sorts of content on a wholesale level so if you want your book’s distribution in bulk, we can help you get a cheaper pricing plan. However, the discount we give you on wholesale publishing entirely depends upon your chosen package.

The maximum discount we can provide you is 55% since that is what has been set as a standard discount. As for wholesalers, they will be given limited rights and will not be stock or order books in every type of book. Since platforms such as Target and Amazon have strict rules for content quality, we have already made sure you get the finest of content at a cost-effective price.

However, we just cannot guarantee you if the chosen retailer would want to stock your book or not nor do we have the power to change the price they quote for a specific book. As professional advice, we want to inform you that retailers prefer books that are available on Ingram, have better trade discount and possess the likeliness of a probable return.

We want to clear it out for you that the annual fee for a single ISBN is $25 and we bill it only annually, after the book’s publication. This carries benefits for both the clients and us as your book can be distributed to renowned retails.