The Down Payment To Our Expert Ghostwriting

The Down Payment To Our Expert Ghostwriting


It becomes a real hassle when you are not getting enough ideas and motivation to either start or finish your manuscript. Don’t be agitated as the experts at Paramount Publishers have all the solutions to your ghostwriting needs. To commence with the contract, you simply have to submit a down payment and our professional writers and experts will begin working on your project. With the inclusion of edits and content creation, the support team will forward the final cost to you in due time.


The Ghostwriting Services We Provide

Getting new ideas for a book but do not have the resources, time and dedication to do so? Are you stuck in a muddle with heaps of deadlines to meet and manuscripts to finish?

The easiest solution to your dilemma is ghostwriting. Professional writers are aplenty so the only way you can meet deadlines and still maintain quality is to rely on a professional ghostwriter.

If you are worried about others and them calling ghostwriting an immoral act then you should not be. From celebrities to politicians, every famous individual has worked with a ghostwriter at some point therefore, so can you.

Ghostwriting has proven effectual for writers but those who lack the time and resources for completing their book on time benefit it from the most. The ghostwriting solutions at Paramount Publishers are quite detailed. Either you can choose to get your book’s manuscript created from scratch or you can acquire help to finish the remaining material. Our ghostwriters even make sure to maintain the consistency in content tone, quality, and readability so you do not have anything to worry about.

Our Ghostwriting Process Is Your Journey

Our content creation process is a simple yet thorough one. The client first has to place a down payment for the chosen ghostwriting service. Once the payment has been deposited, our support team will associate you with a professional ghostwriter who will ask for a project brief and your requirements. Our experts make sure all your needs are addressed as our writers are proficient in working on books of different genres and types.

After we connect you to a ghostwriter, you will be given the opportunity to stay in contact with the writer directly. By working together and sharing meaningful insights, the content creation process becomes highly productive for your book’s manuscript. However, we would expect you to put your complete trust in our writers and the talent they possess. In case of further shortcomings and communication issues, you can contact our support team and we will find a new ghostwriter for you.

Although this rarely occurs and you can have a credible guarantee from us for the probability of finding and working with a new ghostwriter. Once the writer has been chosen, we will provide a thorough contract including the complete cost, editing time and delivery date.

The ghostwriter will not ask you any undue questions about payment and deposit. For your advantage, if the final fee turns out to be lesser than the deposited down payment, our team will give you a refund for it. Since our ghostwriting services are in high demand, the payment usually exceeds a thousand dollars. The pricing plans of every ghostwriter at Paramount Publishers vary and we will guide you about it before you make a purchase.

The ghostwriter will better explain the content creation process and it is going to be streamlined according to your said requirements. If there is a chance for paying additional charges directly to the ghostwriter then you will be notified about it beforehand. You will not be told about it abruptly instead all such details will be discussed thoroughly in a meeting with the ghostwriter.

We know that your book is going to be your personal intellectual property so the ghostwriter will not have any claims or rights over it in any form.

If you have any further queries about our ghostwriting services, the Paramount Publishers support team can guide and assist you further.