Children’s Books Without Illustrations

Children’s Books Without Illustrations


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At Paramount Publishers, we have been honored to publish many memoirs and understand the dedication it takes to write your personal story. That’s why we’ve created the One-Click Full-Color Memoir package, the perfect ensemble of options to enhance your story. With a custom cover and editing, your memoir will be polished and professional. The assistance you’ll receive with our Cover Scribing option will engage your reader and the full-color images that you can include will enhance your story. Whether you’ve written your memoir for future generations of your family or feel that your book is meant to inspire and educate the world, the One-Click Full-Color Memoir publishing package is perfect for your project.


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Successfully writing and self publishing children’s books can be a full-time job for any author. Navigating the waters to find out what you need or don’t need can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we created our new One-Click Children’s Publishing Package! It’s all-inclusive, so you can literally leave all of the hard decisions to us.

We have hand-selected the best book publishing and marketing options that can help children’s book authors catapult to success. The best part is – you have our team on your side throughout the entire journey. We have taken our time to get children’s book publishing down to almost an exact science. So stop spending hours and hours on publishing industry research and get back to doing what you do best – writing books!

One-click publishing with Paramount Publishers is the ultimate in convenience, service, and quality. With one click of the mouse, everything is handled for you (with a smile!) and the fee is fully refundable if we do not accept your manuscript.