One-Click for Children’s Books

One-Click for Children’s Books


$11,000.00 $9,000.00

With a single click, you will be able to secure a spot to publish your children’s book. This publishing solution is only available for full-color books, particularly children’s picture books. We categorize this solution as a Single-Click publishing feature that is exclusively available at Paramount Publishers. The package itself includes quality curation and production of content, full-color images and advertising guidelines to help you market your book to the relevant target audience. We can either create your visual content from scratch but if there is a manuscript available then our illustrators will create the content according to it. We hold no right on your book, as the illustrations are royalty free.


In the Single-Click package, all of our services are rendered in full-color. Therefore, if you want to acquire a professionally made children’s book, this bundle can help you acquire everything you need in one go.

  • Hardback and Paperback Release

    Since picture books look visually better in a glossy or matte-finish format, the hardback paper publication is the perfect fit but we can acquire you both paperback and hardback formats at once.

  • Number of Color Illustrations

    We have set a number of illustrations that you can get from this bundle. For pre-defined illustrations, you can get around 30 illustrations but if you want to customize them then the maximum we can make for you are 15 illustrations.

  • Customizable Exterior and Cover Design

    Without an appealing book cover, young readers would never be provoked to read a book. That is why we offer full-color yet customizable cover design solutions to our clients.

  • Editing Limitations

    If you have sent a manuscript to us only for the illustrations but if you ask us to make amendments into the content of your manuscript then our writers and editors will wholeheartedly do it.

  • Customizable Interior Design

    We do not only provide customizations in the cover of your book as our artists can even customize the interior pages of your book with alluring artwork as you please.

  • Timely Publishing Process

    If the deadline is just around the corner and you want to get the edits done quickly, you can just reach out to us and our team of publishers will sort out every query of yours.

  • Professional Copywriter Assistance

    We will assign a professional copywriter at your service to help you make changes in enhancing your book’s tagline, heading, and summary for more readability.

  • Genuine Copyrights

    The illustrations and changes done in your book will be solely yours and Paramount Publishers will hold no rights over it.

  • Library of Congress Number

    An LCCN number will be provided to you once all the said changes are made and approved. This number is going to be used for your book’s copyright page for publication.

  • Resource Center for Marketing

    We have the availability of a resource center in the form of the library where you can get genuine resources, advertising ideas and manuals for our book with ease.

  • Fully Customized Press Release

    You do not have to hire an external writer for your press release, as that is already included in the package you choose. We will not publish the press release prior to your approval.

  • Distribution of Press Release

    We will assign a PR publicist who will help you out with the distribution of your press release. The leads will be generated immaculately for you.

  • Biblical and Christian Themed Books

    Biblical and religious books have to be accurate and authentic for that we have collaborated with Spring Arbor for the publication of Christian themed content.

  • Video Trailer for Books

    As for the marketing services, we provide the production of a video trailer that you can publish across all your social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

  • Feature in Children’s Book Fair

    The initial phase of your book’s release is going to be slow since you will not be getting enough critic attention. For that, we will feature your book in children’s book fairs around time to get the attention from journalists.

  • Marketing and Advertising Guidance

    You will be given assigned a personal assistant who will help you out with any query you have regarding illustration creation and publication.

  • Marketing Coach Trademark

    At Paramount Publishers, we have partnered with the Marketing Coach Trademark and that way you will get easy online assistance, specifically coaching.

Service Details

Our Paper specifications:

We provide full covers of our book. As per the request of our authors, we deliver covers in black or white. The ultimate interior of covers is black or white. We make sure that each cover has a high quality binding with perfect grip. We promise to deliver industry standard, highest quality book covers.

Hardback specifications:

Our Casebound formats are laminated, which you must have seen on children books and textbook. The casebound we offer has colorful glossy lamination on it with matte formats. We cloth stitch the dust jacket formats using gold foil stamping that is placed on the spine. We put the full-color wrap on the jacket as well.

Page count requirements:

We accept the minimum page count to be of 18 pages for publications. However, the maximum page count is of 1000 pages to 15000 having sizes 6.14×9.21 or larger.

Paper specifications:

Paper Type is the term that indicates the page weight while the term paper color shows the tone of the book page. The term crème-white means the page is 30% recycled with natural off-white color. Here white is pure white color. The papers used at out platform are all acid-free, off-set and opaque that meets the library standard.

Distribution-on-Demand & Print-on-Demand:

You can make your book available to a huge population of target audience by utilizing our print-on-demand and distribution-on-demand facilities. We have the most sales channels like e-bay, and It all depends upon your pricing plan what you choose and how you want us to distribute. At Outskirts Press we assure to print and provide an uncountable amount of project orders whether its about wholesale orders or individual projects without charging any huge or unreal printing cost. You have to pay for all the copies at the wholesale price to be printed. Plus you will not be asked to order any book while keeping it available for distribution at the price mentioned in the package. Your pricing plan will determine the discount allotted to you, thus highlighting the actual printing and distribution. You are allowed to set following trade discounts:  0% – 55%. 55% as per industry standards. The more discount you provide the bigger will be the chances for better distribution. The retailers and wholesalers are not restricted to order/stock books, along with altering the timeframe for delivery all of this is at their will. Moreover, some might even list your book for a 55% discount. Your book plot and cover creates an impact on the retails decision as well. We do not have any control on the decision that they will take. Four major factors are taken into account to make the decision to stock, carry or deliver and these include: high trade discount, Ingram availability, and entire book strength.

The digital distribution cost is around $25 as per the ISBN which will be billed every January. It will make your book accessible throughout the network of distribution. You can view the channels available for the elite distru8btion from down below. You will have to keep your Author’s Center active to allow print copies by yourself at any time you want.