One-Click for Cookbooks

One-Click for Cookbooks


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Have you created dishes that you know others will enjoy? Or perhaps you have recipes that have been handed down for generations in your family that you’d like to share with the world? Well, now you can – with the One-Click Cookbook package from Paramount Publishers! This package includes everything you need to create a professional cookbook that you’ll be proud to market. With one click, you’ll receive everything from paperback and laminated hardback versions to a custom cover and editing services. 100% royalties and 0% confusion. Now is the perfect time to dish up some sales and market your culinary creativity to the world!


Service Details

No doubt, the writing of your cookbook has been a labor of love, a test of your patience and fortitude. Now it’s time to place your faith in the capable hands of our publishing pros at Paramount Publishers. Our team of experts has the know-how to handle everything from the painstaking design and layout of your book’s interior and exterior to the publication, marketing and promotion you’ll need to get your message to the masses. In addition to expertise, you’ll be treated to valuable tangibles, such as an author webpage, press release, and free author copies among other promotional products.

The One-Click Publishing for Cookbooks package from Paramount Publishers is tailored to provide you with all the specific services necessary to successfully publish and market a culinary masterpiece – from a company with more than a decade of publishing successes. One click of the mouse mobilizes a team of publishing professionals and empowers you with start-to-finish publishing, consultation and marketing services that will take the full-time job of publishing and promoting off your to-do list.