One-Click for Fiction

One-Click for Fiction


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It is possible that you spent many sleepless nights to pen down your story in ink, but you can deliver that story to your readers with a single click on the mouse! The One-Click feature for fiction books from Paramount Publishers offers you everything that you need to polish, publish, package and promote your fictional work with our top-notch production and marketing services. If you have a script ready to be published and appreciate exclusive customer services, professional editing, customized cover designing and personalized marketing in order to meet your goals, our publishing services are for you. We’ve got everything that you need right here and can provide you with excellent services. Achievement of your goals can’t get any simpler, quicker or convenient that this!


Checkout out our bundles and packages featuring everything that we provide in One-Click publishing suite including everything that you for a successful fictional novel.

  • Fast-paced services

    We are proficient in our publishing process. We have experienced authors are capable of publishing your manuscripts in 6-8 weeks.

  • Make attractive covers for your book!

    You only have the first 10 seconds to be judges based on the cover of your book. Make every second worthwhile.

  • Attract with better interiors!

    Our authors format the interiors of the book that can interest the reader in giving your book a read.

  • Polish your manuscript with copyediting services

    Need to get rid of typos, spelling errors, and contextual words in your book then our copyediting option is for you.

  • Copyright registration

    Our optional copyright registration services provide you with all the details you need to have your manuscript’s copyright registration.

  • LCCN and congress filing services

    Paramount Publishers consists of a library of Congress numbers for the clients placed on the copyright page. We submit appropriate editions of the book to the library of Congress after it is published.

  • A Book Marketing Resource

    Our extensive library of Marketing tips, guides, resources and e-books are at your fingertips that can help with book marketing.

  • E-book edition for Amazon Kindle

    Making your novel available for e-books readers. Kindle being a heavily promoted part of Amazon can lead to better exposure on Amazon.

  • E-book edition for Barnes & Noble NOOK

    Not having your book on Barnes and Noble NOOK means missing out on a large audience of readers. Reach out to a new audience on Barnes & Noble NOOK.

  • The benefit with Amazon Look Inside

    According to Amazon, books listed on Amazon Look Inside are more successful that books that are not on it.

  • Benefit from Amazon Author’s page

    Readers like to know the authors of the books they are considering to read. Having an Amazon Author Pages can convert more shoppers into regular readers.

  • Personal Marketing services

    You can take the aid of our personal marketing assistants to implement your book marketing strategy.

  • The Marketing COACH TM

    If you need assistance, authors at Paramount Publishers are amazing marketing COACH offering online coaching through e-mails for years after your first book is published.

  • Easy Downloads of e-books from author’s Webpage

    We can deliver your customer a secure PDF file of your book available on your author’s page. You are not involved directly with it, but you receive half of the total royalties.

Package details

Paperback specifications

We are proficient in creating high-quality, perfectly bounded books having a cover with full-colour until ordered in Black/white containing a black/white interior.

Hardback specifications

Case bound covers are available in full-colour with a glossy laminated cover or with a matte finish. Dust jackets format covering are cloth-stitched hardbacks stamped with gold foils on the spine, with a full-colour wrap around the dust jacket.

Page count requirements:

The minimum page count of publication must be 18 pages, and the maximum page count for publication is 1000 pages with 1,150 for sizes 6.14×9021 or larger.

Paper specifications:

By “Paper type” it means the weight and width of the paper and “paper colour” means the colour tone of the page. Crème-white is 30% natural off-white colour. Pure white is a better choice for interiors containing images. All paper types meet the archival library standards. They are off-set, opaque, and acid-free.

Print-on-demand and Distribution-on-demand:

Print-on-demand and Distribution-on-demand can make your book available for sales channel like eBay, and more in the industry. However, it may depend upon the pricing plan that you choose along with the marketability of your book. Paramount Publishers is proficient in printing and fulfilling orders from any wholesale channel without charging any extra amount. You only have to pay for copies that you demand below wholesale prices.

The price plan that you choose may determine the book’s trade discount, which influences the actual distribution and availability. 55% is the industry standard of discount so you can achieve 0% to 55% discount on trade. Remember that the higher your trade discount the better opportunities you have available from the channels above. It is not necessary for the wholesalers to have stock all books, timeframes for ordering or delivery is at their preference. It may also happen that some retailer may not list your book with out a 55% discount offer along with an optional Retail Returns Program. Not just that, your book’s content and subject matter also impact in some retailer’s opinion for it. Remember that we have no control over the wholesaler’s decision to stock your book or the delivery timeframes they quote to customers. Most off-line retailer’s decision of stocking depends on four factors: Ingram availability, discount, returnability, and the book’s content and customer’s demand.

The annual distribution fee per ISBN is $25, which is billed every January after the publication of the book. This helps in the availability of the books throughout the distribution network, keeps your author’s account active and allows you to print copies of your book yourself at wholesale author price — five at a time.