One-Click for Memoirs

One-Click for Memoirs


$7,999.00 $5,999.00

At Paramount Publishers, we cognize the complications many individuals go through while writing. We recognize the amount of perseverance and devotion that is needed for writing a personal story. This is why our team of dedicated writers are here to provide you with a One-Click Full-Color Memoir package. It is the perfect compendium of options available for improving your story. Our experts provide you with customized covers and editing options, which will give your memoir a professional touch. You will receive cover scribing options for appealing to your readers and colored images will enhance your story. The demographics that you are aiming to target whether it be the youth, your family or a global audience, our One-Click Full-Color package will keep your arsenals loaded.

  • Paperback AND Hardback Publication

    Memoirs are printed in volumes to serve as a family bequest. However, for common use and advertising softbacks are an affordable option. What should you do? Take both options, of course!

  • Copyediting for up to 75,000 words

    Here is your editing solution for typos, articulation and spellings. You will be notified if any errors are identified and corrected, that will allow you to have the tractability of maintain your voice.

  • Professional Custom Cover Design

    You know that people usually judge books by their covers, so you cannot take that matter lightly. Make your memoir stands out! Get two different customizable cover designs to choose from and make a great sale!

  • Cover Text Refinement

    Your submitted heading author’s biography and synopsis need professional copywriter’s support. A professional copywriter will pervade marketing appeal with your text to make it hum.

  • Expedited Service

    If you are looking for speeding up your publishing experience we are here are your assistance. Our authors will make sure that your story gets published in six to eight weeks.

  • Enhanced Interior Book Design

    Your book will need enhanced interior formatting and appeal, and we care about your design requirement for your authored book.

  • Book Marketing Resource Center

    If you are in a need of marketing tips, guides and resources, our book marketing resource centers are here at your assistance

  • The Marketing COACHTM

    For our customers we are willing to go an extra mile and provide them with services form a marketing coach. You will be helped through emails after your publish your first book.

  • PDF E-book Edition Download from Author Webpage

    We will give you 50% of the royalties every time a customer would visit your author’s web page and order your e-book and we provide them with a secure file. How convenient does that sound?

  • Amazon Look Inside

    If you want to make your book a success then you will want to participate in this program. Amazon itself has stated the fact.

  • Custom Topic Press Release & Distribution

    Do you need a press release written? If yes then you can have one of our professional writers create an original and exclusive press release for your book, which will be distributed to our news wire service on your behalf after you give us your approval.

  • PR Publicist Campaign

    Do you like the idea of having your publicist distribute your press release for you? If so, we are here at your assistance. When the release goes out you will receive all the resulting leads

  • Book Video Trailer & Distribution

    It all comes down to a video! People love YouTube and if you want to make use of a smart-marketing tactic, we are here to assist in making a viral promotional video and sit first on the trending tab. So, are you ready to be filmed?

  • Personal Marketing Assistant

    We have your book’s marketing disaster under control. A five hour of a personal marketing guide will be provided to you if you are confused about implementing a marketing strategy. That is not it! More five-hour blocks are available for you to reserve whenever you want

  • 40 Image Placements

    Visuals are an absolute necessity for engaging a wider range of an audience. we will get you started with our four free packs of 10-image-insertions with our Full-Color One-Click Memoir package.

  • Social Media Set-up

    A high-profile social media account is exactly what you needed for making your position more credible. We will assist you in setting up an impactful social media presence for your Facebook, twitter, WordPress and Pinterest accounts.

  • Apple iPad Edition

    Today everything is available to people on the tips to their fingers. Why not use this opportunity to reach out to a wider audience by making your book available in Apple’s iBoostore.

Package Details

Paperback specifications:

We are here to provide our customers with full-color covers, unless you make a specific request for your cover to be in black and white. The edgings that we offer are of a high quality. We do our best in meeting industry standards, our work speaks quality so we do not offer spiral and comb bindings

Hardback specifications:

The case bound covers that we produce are colored and laminated, most like the ones you see on cookbooks, textbooks and children’s books. You can get your case bound in glossy colors and laminated covers you can also get them in a matte finish. You can also get a dust jacket format in a full color wrap and a gold foil stamping at the back.

Page count requirements:

The page count requirement, which on a minimum is about eighteen black and white pages. We can assist you in meeting that requirement without any trouble.  The maximum amount of pages at publication is about a thousand pages and 1,150 pages for a size 6.14×9.21 or larger.

Paper specifications:

We will assist you in deciding the “paper type” which refers to the weight of the paper that is being used and the “paper color” which refers to the color of the paper. An off white paper is 30 percent recycled. a pure white is a better option if your book contains images. All the paper that is used is acid-free, dense, offset and they meet all the standards for library archival.

Print-on-Demand and Distribution-on-Demand:

With on demand printing and distribution facilities you will have the advantage of making your book available for an unlimited wholesale. Utilizing the most used sales stations in the industry. Depending upon the price place that you opt for your publications will be available over other channels like e-bay, and many others.

Our press will provide you with an unlimited amount printing and order organizing facilities from wholesale channels. Guaranteeing a fixed price and no out of the budget/ pocket printing costs.

You will only be paying a reasonable amount for copies that you order. You do not have to place any order if you do not wish to. Your books will still be available on demand according to you package and pricing.

You can set the trade discount rate to be anywhere between 0 to 55% where 55% is the standard of the industry. The hire the trade discount will be the more distribution opportunities will become available from the channels that are mentioned above.

Retailers are not liable for carrying, stocking and ordering all books, the time-frames for ordering and delivering depends mostly on their decision, some of them will not list your book without receiving a 55% discount and the optional retail returns.

It also depends on the contents of your book; the subject that you are addressing also plays a role in some retailers like Target OR Walmart.

A retailer’s decision is not something that is in our control. Most retailers decide on stocking, carrying and ordering a book based on four factors, which are a high trade discount, Ingram availability, return-ability and the book’s general content, strength and the demand of the customer, more precisely their own profitability.

The annual digital distribution fee per ISBN is $25, which is billed every January after your book is published.  That allows your book to stay available throughout the distribution network

(the channels available for print and elite ebook distribution is displayed below), keeps your Author’s Center account active, and allows you to print copies of your book yourself at any time for your below-wholesale author price, in quantities of just 5 at a time.