One-Click for Non-Fiction

One-Click for Non-Fiction


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Paramount Publishers One Click Suite is a complete publishing solution for the clients who want to convey their life experiences, hard-learnt skills, tips, or any other sort of non-fiction subject matter in the form of a book. The genres that we cover under non-fiction includes self-help, autobiography, instructional manuals, how-to, and several other types. We are a team that works with exceptional diligence along with years of industry experience to provide our clients with remarkable customer service, proficient editing, target-based marketing services, and excellently customized cover designs for your books. We are doing it all in the best way possible! A fast, convenient, and highly satisfying work experience is just a click away!


Our Ultimate Package is offering all of the services that are mentioned below. Publishing a non-fiction best seller is much cheaper and terrifically stress-free with One-Click’s publishing suite.

  • Customized Cover Designs!

    It takes only 8 seconds for a buyer to be attracted to a book by looking at its cover. Choose to make them count!

  • Copyediting for Polishing your Masterpiece!

    We work on editing your copies for grammatical mistakes and typos while keeping you in the loop at every step to avoid destroying your ‘voice’.

  • Attractive Interior Book Design!

    Formatting the insides of the books is done in an exclusively personalized way at Outskirts Press, where the author has a say in every step that we take.

  • Super-Active Service!

    With us, writing a book won’t take decades. Our devoted team has the potential to collaborate and deliver all the services at an extraordinarily high speed.

  • Perfect Cover Text!

    We infuse a creative flare to everything from headlines, synopsis, author biography, and other similar texts to make the book irresistible for the target audience.

  • Registration for Official Copyright!

    We offer to handle the entire procedure of registering your publication for an official copyright.

  • Filing to Library of Congress

    We get suitable editions of our publications filed to the Library of Congress by acquiring a library of Congress number that is included on the book’s copyright page.

  • Book Marketing Resource Providence!

    All of our clients get to access an extensive library that has hundreds of marketing guides, tips, e-books, and other resources.

  • Press Release and Distribution!

    Our professional writing team strategically composes an exclusive press release for every book with the consent of the author. These press releases are then distributed.

  • PR Promoting Campaign

    We do not only distribute the press releases but also provide the authors’ with all the details about the resulting leads for further follow-up.

  • Google Books Preview

    We highlight your books on Google to make it more visible for the audience with Google Books Preview. The preview includes your purchasing links and the book cover along with an appealing writing sample.

  • Amazon Kindle e-Book Edition

    We launch the publications on Amazon Kindle –Book Edition to enhance the visibility of the books on Amazon, as Kindle has a vivid presence on Amazon.

  • Amazon Look Inside

    Amazon Look Inside can boost the success rate of a book to a great extent, and we ensure that your books get a chance to avail more success by participating at Amazon Look Inside!

  • Amazon Author Page

    Amazon Author Pages help books generate more leads by fulfilling the visitors’ curiosity about the author of the book they are interesting in reading.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We offer to handle all of the social media accounts of our clients in order to link them to their targets and provide them with high-profile accounts for Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and Twitter.

  • Book Video Trailer: Creation and Distribution!

    We create Video trailers for the books and distribute them on different relevant platforms to reach out to the right audience and generate more leads.

  • The Marketing COACHTM

    Marketing COACHTM is a marketing assistance program that is exclusively available to all the Outskirts Press authors, providing them with all the needed help and assistance for years.

  • Personal Marketing Assistant

    We make sure that our authors know well how to implement a book marketing strategy effectively by making personal marketing assistance available. Author is allotted a block of 5 hours for assistance.

Package Details

Paperback specifications:

Our high-quality paperback book covers are designed to be full-colored unless they are requested to be black and white by the author. Interiors of the book, however, are black and white by default. No spiral or comb bindings are offered, as they are not industry-standard.

Hardback Specifications:

Our case-bound formats are available with colored and laminated covers with a protective grace. The authors can pick a glossy laminated version or a colored matte finish version, depending on their own personal preference. We offer cloth-stitched hardbacks with gold foil stamping on the spine in our dust jacket formats.

Page count Requirement:

Our maximum page count for publication 1000 pages for the standard sized pages while a book that has 6.14×9.21 or larger page length can have 1150 page count limit. The minimum page count for publication is 18 pages. We can ensure to shrink almost all types of manuscripts to this length effectively.

Paper Specifications:

We use a pure white colored paper that is preferred for books that have images. A paper with crème-white color tone is also available, which is made with 30% recycled material. Both these varieties are opaque, acid-free, and off-set, meeting library archival standards.

Print-on-Demand and Distribution-on-Demand:

Outskirts press offers on-demand printing and on-demand-distribution plan to all of its authors, making their books available on and Outskirts can print an unlimited amount of books coming from wholesale channels without placing any high pricing. You get to pay only for the copies that you order yourself. As per the price plan, you will have to choose the distribution discount which should range between 0%- 55%. 55% as per industry standard. The number of distribution depends upon on your discount. The retailors and wholesalers will decide whether to carry/stock/order on your books. The quality of your books will play a role in influencing the retailors opinion. We have no control in altering that decision. The major four factors that influence are as follows: returnability, Ingram availability, high trade discount, and over-all book strength.

The digital distribution fee is $25 as per ISBN that is to be billed every January to keep the availability of your book all over the distribution network. You can view the elite e-Book and print distribution channels. Details below. You have to keep the Author’s Center account active that will allow you to print copies of your book by yourself at any time at a below-wholesale pricing plan.