Personal Marketing Assistant

Personal Marketing Assistant


Are you aware of the criteria involved in marketing a book? Do you have time to ponder on all of your promotional campaigns and improvise them? For all your confusions and fears, we have the perfect solution to help you through. Try our 5-hour session of Personal Marketing Assistant who will guide you about the complexities and how to overcome them. Let your expert take care of all the heavy lifting.


What Areas are Catered With Our Expert Assistance?

  • Creation of marketing plan

    Book marketing plan is the most crucial step in promoting a book. We assist you to streamline your marketing as per your goals and requirements. Upon hiring our marketing expert, you will receive a full-fledged customized marketing guide having actions and recommendations according to your needs, helping you to sell more books.

  • Arranging book signings

    For authors and fans, a book signing is the best moment. We provide you with a marketing assistant who will make sure your event went successful with perfect coordination. He will take all the management matters in his own hands.

  • Setting Up your author platform

    It’s imperative to have an online presence to showcase your skills and attributes. You need to have an internet presence created to highlight your specific needs, service criteria, and writing skills. It will show your image most professionally enhancing the overall credibility. We provide our assistance in this area by creating your author profile. Our plan includes a website, social media accounts, and a lot more to create an identity. With the help of our Personal Marketing Assistant, you can boost your marketing in a blink!

  • Follow-Up on Marketing Campaign

    The life of an author is challenging and you cannot take care of everything all alone. You need a marketing assistant who can take care of all the little details. Your book assistant will monitor the leads and make sure to generate the highest rates conversions.

  • Tons More!

    After getting complete project brief on the 30-minute telephonic session, the PMA will compose a proper customized marketing package for you keeping your goals and budget in mind. The PMA will dedicatedly work for you alone!

Service Details

Getting your book published is not enough to be sure to gain success. Along with this, what you do to promote it matters a lot. Your approaches matter, which you take to capture to the entire market.

Many authors face challenges in promoting their books. Most of them have little to no experience about how to promote their books while others rely on common techniques.

What if you get a perfect person to promote your book. You can have the assistance of an expert who knows how to connect with your book and promote it efficiently. He shares an equal passion for you. Our Personal Marketing Assistant is well trained to exhibit the finest promotional techniques. He will help you sketch the perfect plan to cover the market and find a better place to position your book. You can target the most potential buyers and increase your book sells.