Bowker Approved ISBN Issuance

Bowker Approved ISBN Issuance


The usual book publishing practice by authors is to acquire and secure a personal ISBN for their book beforehand. Doing so allows them to have complete rights of recognition and identification for the books they own and write. It is quite an arduous process but Paramount Publishers is there to assist you. We have been recognized as a Bowker certified ISBN issuer so if you want a private label for your book, we can get you one for a cheaper rate.


ISBN Assignment Procedure

Self-publication can be a real hassle for some since not everyone has access to owning a private ISBN. However, we are here to help you with the most cost-effective way you can think of.

By collaborating with the official ISBN agency R.R Bowker, Paramount Publishers has given writers the opportunity to get ISBNs designated for their books officially through Bowker. In order to get an ISBN, you first have to place a request on Paramount Publishers and then we will approve it on your name as a self-publishing author. The complete owner rights for the ISBN will be given to the author and Paramount Publishers will have no claim over it.

We will guide the author about his or her equitable rights for the ISBN as well as the rights to the book. However, be aware of the fact that we are not possible and nor do we have the rights for returning an ISBN since the payment cannot be refunded. Once a writer has bought the ISBN, it cannot be sold to a third party at any cost.

These are some of the essential elements to know before you submit the form for ISBN issuance. You must have to recognize and accept the given details as, only upon your approval, we proceed with the ISBN assignment process.

One major advantage for ordering your book’s ISBN through Paramount Publishers is that the ISBN will be assigned at a discounted price. If you get it from Bowker, you will have to pay the full price for it. It is quite expensive to get an ISBN from Bowker along with the documentation but here at Paramount Publishers, we are offering it to you for less the original price.