Promotional Materials Bundle

Promotional Materials Bundle


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We provide over 1,525 custom promotional options to feature your book. You can save your time and money with our top packages. The plan includes over 500 postcards, 500 bookmarks, 500 business cards, and 25 small posters. If this is not your first publishing experience at Paramount Publishers , you can get even bigger discount on your selected packages. So, quickly login to our Publishing Center.


    Bookmarks are the best trick to spread your names because readers rarely throw them away. Many even pass them to their mates to keep them in the books. It will help in promoting your book.

  • 500 Postcards

    Postcards are one of the most effective technique to send direct mail to interact with your readers. As it requires a low postage rate, you can enjoy a high definition presentation to mark your level of professionalism.

  • 500 Business Cards

    You need a business card to strengthen your dealings. It’s one of the most crucial asset for businesses. Get your business card created with your name on it and attributes along with contact details.

  • 25 Small Posters

    You can use posters at your book-signing event. You can place them on different corners or frame them to hang on your wall. Posters are attention grabbing and help in marketing your book.

Service Details

You are not only an author, but you are also an entrepreneur. The vast your network is the bigger your business reach is. Similarly, your connection with people shows how vast your capabilities and strength are. You must not leave a well-established footprint to get spoiled with time due to any negligence.

You must aim to broaden your avenues and find better resources for success. Things like bookmarks, publication announcements, postcards, business cards, and postcards are all helpful in highlighting a unique identity. You have to tell your readers that you are a professional. You need to stand out from the clutters and show yourself as the most influential one.

Do you know you can have it all easily? Well, pop into our service details and select a package that covers everything you need to secure a prominent spot. Many of our authors go with our Promotional Materials Package as it provides everything needed to establish a firm business.