Virtual Book Tour in the Blogosphere and on Social Networks

Virtual Book Tour in the Blogosphere and on Social Networks


Have you packed up for the tumultuous world tour or even if you are too busy to leave the house, take a look at the product details to learn how a virtual book tour can position your book in in the eyes of thousands of readers through the social networking at the blogosphere.


Get to know about the service

What’s the virtual book tour?

The virtual book tour is quite akin to the physical book tour. Though rather of publishing loads of copies of your book and making your way from bookstore to bookstore and radio stations for promotions, you and your book can make presence on the blogs and social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube, while you stay within the comfort zone of your home.

If you are taking a trip to make promotions of your book in person is not the option that is most appropriate for you, a virtual book tour is quick and pocket friendly means to quickly promote your book for several high profile venues. The venues that might result in worth sharing book reviews and interview prospects.

How does the virtual book tour work?

The Paramount Publishers makes use of the potential of the blogosphere to publicize your virtual book tour to the world. The passionate readers who are connected through social media such as Twitter and Facebook and majority will meet you and get to know your book by the means of this announcement

You will obtain a virtual book tour packet, comprehensive of any material and information you need to follow up suddenly with the interested audiences, so you might schedule your presence on the blogs, websites and the social network.

During your tour, you will be highlighted in our blog that is cross-promoted openly to our many followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The outskirts press will assist you in registering with a clipping service that tracks all of your books blog mentions. Every time your book is cited anywhere on the internet you will come to know by the notification so you can go with the buzz related to your book in the real time!

How virtual book tour benefits me?

The virtual book tour package includes everything, you might need to make the most of your prospects on the blogs and the social media, along with the instruction for how to make use of it.

The social media mover’s shakers and bloggers usually make a schedule of the book reviews or the author talks depending on the information they earn through your virtual book tour.

The virtual book tour is quick. No need to wait for your schedule to get clear. You can initiate touring today!

  • The virtual tour is a modest, quick and cost effective means to socialize yourself and your book through the social media when you are so busy to fill up the trash with the hardcopies and lead your book to several media outlets all by yourself.
  • The clipping service facility permits you to quickly follow up with every blogger as well as place a review on their blogs so you can have meaningful connections with interested readers. Connections like these can assist you creating a loyal readership.
  • Dissimilar to the physical book tour, your virtual book tour is the undying part of your web presence. Your tour stays safe and available for the internet searches throughout.